About Us

As Sözen AS, our company which has been active in the field of oil and agriculture subsequently gave more importance to the agricultural production that it has been conducting for many generations as the result of fact that the agricultural and livestock sectors are gaining prominence both in the world and in our country.

Just like it as it is across our country, the soil of Konya is deprived of organic matters within and has high Ph levels. The animal based fertilizers recently came up front in order to overcome the problem. Our company started milk dairying by aspired after the organic matters of the soil and as the result of this move, included the production of Ferbio animal fertilizer which itself is a fermented solid farmyard manure, to the field of business of Sozen AS.

While it is gradually getting hard to access to the reliable food worldwide, the significance of the best agricultural implementations, organic farming and organic products is increasingly rising. In compliance with the agricultural policies of EU, growing organic products gain significance day by day. However, in order to increase the organic matter within the soil and to balance the Ph of the soil, there is a great need for animal based manure. Our company which has realized this fact, started the production and the sales of fermented solid farm manure under the name of FERBIO.

By obtaining the distributorship of the  ORGANICUL-I  microbial manure that contains 5 types of bacteria and fungus and which represents one of the technological developments in the field of agriculture and was developed after a 3 year long demonstration and trial studies, in 2012, we started its import and retail sales.

Today, Sozen carries out its business with 3 gas stations (PO Konya, Opet Konya and Opet Karapınar) with 6000 hectares of agricultural production sites in  Karapınar, Ereğli and Karaman and a milk dairy farm with a capacity of 1500 counts as well as   its branches in Karapınar, Ereğli and Antalya with its specialized personnel such as Accountants, agricultural engineers, veterinaries. In order this special staff to take accurate decisions, our company steps into the future with solid moves by working in cooperation with Universities, under the consultancy of our valuable professors.

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